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Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) is an NGO that has been working in Strandja Nature Park since 1994.

We work closely with the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF). They give us advice on the impact of tourism activities in Strandja. By working this way we can be confident we avoid those that cause harm, and encourage those from which Strandja benefits. We also donate a percentage of what we earn to BBF that they use for their great work.

Logo of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation; three differently coloured symbols representing a bird, a fish, and a plant - followed by the words 'Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation'

People and nature are one

The guiding principle of BBF is that people and nature are one. They do not want to fence nature in, to protect it in reserves or to keep people out. For BBF, the key to sustainable development is to find a way for people and nature to live in harmony together. This vision translates very practically into everything they do.

Because of its importance for biodiversity, both nationally and abroad, Strandja has always been a major focus of the work of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation.

So what does the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation do in Strandja? Some examples:

Support sustainable businesses

BBF has funded seminars and training for beekeepers in Strandja about the production of organic honey.

They have also worked with accommodation holders in the park to develop a Strandja trademark.

And they produced and partly funded the first ever tourism map for Strandja Nature Park.

Involving local people

The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation involves people with conservation to raise awareness on a local level.

For example, in Strandja Nature Park, BBF has developed an interactive exposition for the Strandja visitor information centre.

Another example is the creation of the Strandja Forest School in the Marina Reka protected area. BBF also provides the funding for the yearly Rhododendron Festival in May.

Work for protected areas

The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation has prepared a management plan for Strandja Nature Park. This process involved wide consultations with the people living and working in Strandja.

Working with both children and adults, BBF has raised awareness about the importance of having a management plan in place for Bulgaria's largest protected area.

Currently, BBF is working towards UNESCO biosphere reserve status for Strandja.

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