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Bulgarian kitchen

The Bulgarian kitchen is a vibrant reflection of its multicultural history and geographical location.

Over the years, the Bulgarians have picked and mixed the best Turkish, Balkan and Greek kitchens have to offer.

Combined with their own traditional dishes, this results in a delicious melting pot of flavours.

Plate of rice with spinach and salad.

Local homegrown produce

Local, homegrown produce is very important for Bulgarians. Virtually everyone grows fruit and veg. A Bulgarian garden is not complete without beautiful pink Bulgarian tomatoes, deep-red peppers, aubergines and cucumbers.

Other homegrown produce includes the famous Bulgarian yoghurt, Bulgarian honey, and white cirene cheese that resembles feta cheese.

Seasonal additions include wild mushrooms, wild growing herbs for teas, and nuts like walnut and hazel.

If you time your holiday to Strandja well, you can have breakfast while you stroll through a beautiful village, picking fruits straight from the trees around you. Also, the fresh fruit and vegetables for sale on outdoor markets are extremely tasty. In no way do they resemble what we are used to in supermarkets nowadays.

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Traditional Bulgarian dishes

A typical example of a Bulgarian dish is Gyuvech, a rich stew of peppers, aubergines and beans combined with meat, baked and served in an earthenware pot. A vegetarian variation on this dish, Cirene po Shopski, is also very tasty and consists of feta-type cheese combined with tomatoes and egg baked in a pot.

We also recommend you try the delicious Tarator, a cold yoghurt soup with dill, walnuts and cucumber. Very refreshing in summer.

Another Bulgarian speciality is Banitza, a pastry filled with feta cheese, that Bulgarians often eat for breakfast.

Your holiday to Bulgaria would not be complete without trying a Shopska salad. This typical Meditarrenean salad dish is a mixture of cucumbers, tomato and cirene cheese. Traditionally it is served with a glass (or three) of the local home-produced brandy, Rakia.

When you choose to stay in local guesthouses, your hosts can surprise you with the homegrown flavours of Bulgaria.

In Strandja you have every opportunity to eat local, natural and healthy food!

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Special treats from Strandja

There are a few special treats you just have to try during your holiday to Strandja:

  • Home-produced Bulgarian yoghurt
  • Strandja Honey - Read about Strandja's special honey on our blog ...
  • Cheese and yoghurt made from Buffalo milk - You can see the impressive buffalos in Strandja during your holiday.

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More about Strandja

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