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About Strandja Nature Park
Europe's undiscovered destination

One of those remaining wild places, Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria is a special area in Eastern Europe that very few people know about.

In Strandja you'll find

  • a boundless landscape of rolling wooded hills
  • naturally meandering rivers
  • unspoilt areas of Black Sea coast
  • beautiful and dramatic scenery
  • small, quiet villages surrounded by colourful meadows

Strandja is a wildlife paradise in Eastern Europe with extremely diverse flora and fauna. Combine this with ancient history, vibrant culture, the Black Sea and a Mediterranean climate and you'll understand why we are so enthusiastic about this area!

Have a look around to see and read more about why Strandja is special.

Activities in Strandja Nature Park

Early morning sunlight shines over a scene of wild flowers at the Black Sea coast.

Gentle rolling hills and beautiful scenery offer walks for every taste. Pristine rivers where you can swim and canoe. A day at a quiet and undiscovered beach. A visit to see an ancient Thracian sanctuary. It is all possible during a holiday to Strandja.

Activities in Strandja

Strandja's nature - wild and undiscovered

Looking down from  a cliff to blue sea water. Wild flowers grow in the foreground.

If you are into wildlife, you will love Strandja Nature Park. The Strandja Mountains are a top wildlife site and biodiversity hotspot in Eastern Europe. And within Bulgaria, Strandja is the most varied nature park in terms of habitats and species diversity.

Nature in Strandja

Strandja's culture - ancient and vibrant

Small yellow candles burning in front of religious icons in a forest.

Amble through small villages where time has stood still. Immerse yourself in Bulgaria's ancient, rich and vibrant culture still very much alive today. Strandja is the perfect cultural holiday destination in Eastern Europe.

Culture in Strandja

When to visit? Plan your green holiday

Quiet bay at the coast seen from the cliffs. Some people relax on a small sandy beach with green trees on the hill behind them.

A sunny Mediterranean climate and calm pace of life... You can re-charge your batteries during a holiday to Strandja. Every season in the Strandja Mountains offers something different. Find out when to take your holiday to Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria.

When to visit Strandja

Explore a map of Strandja Nature Park

Section from a map of STrandja nature Park showing the Black Sea, rivers, small villages, and forest.

In the far south-east corner of Europe, at the crossroads of two continents, lies an undiscovered holiday destination... Explore a map of the Strandja Mountains in Bulgaria and discover some of the things you can see and do here.

Map of Strandja

History of the Strandja Mountains

Ruins of the entrance to a Thracian tomb. Large blocks form an entrance to an inner chamber.

From Thracian and Roman times, to the Communist era. Strandja has a turbulent history and you will find traces of Bulgaria's ancient history and recent past scattered throughout the area.

History of Strandja

Food and drink - local Bulgarian cuisine

Red cherries against a background of light green leaves.

Enjoy traditional Bulgarian dishes prepared by your Bulgarian hosts, or have a meal in one of the many restaurants inland or on the Black Sea coast. Make sure you try some of Strandja's local specialities such as dark forest honey, homemade sausages and dairy produce made from buffalo milk.

Food and drink in Strandja

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