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When to visit Strandja

Whether you are planning your holiday in Spring, Summer, or Autumn, Strandja always has something to offer.

The best time for your holiday to Strandja depends on your interests.

  • If you enjoy walking, a holiday in early Spring or Autumn is best.
  • For wildlife and culture holidays April, May and June are the top months.
  • For a sunny beach holiday you need to visit in Summer.
  • And Autumn is perfect for a photography holiday.

Musicians playing drum and bagpipe in a sunlit forest in the Strandja Mountains in Bulgaria.

Holiday in early Spring

For an early spring holiday Strandja is the perfect destination in Bulgaria.

In April, spring is well underway in Strandja. Blossoming and budding trees give the Strandja Mountains a fresh and energising quality.

The Via Pontica bird migration route is located over the Strandja Mountains, and in April the birds migrate north. So if you plan your holiday in April, you will be able to see huge flocks of storks and other raptors.

If you like walking during your holiday, April is a very good month to visit Strandja. The temperatures are still cooler and with plenty of sunshine the weather is ideal for a walking holiday.

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Mid spring to early Summer

In May and June, flora and fauna in Strandja are at their best. Bird song is everywhere around you, and the dawn chorus is amazing. The meadows are full with wildflowers and butterflies. If you are coming for wildlife, late spring to mid summer is the time to plan your holiday to Strandja.

The weather in Bulgaria starts to get warmer towards mid June, and the Black Sea water already has a very pleasant temperature. You can go snorkelling, sunbathing, and swimming in the Black Sea.

Two highlights in the Strandja year, the Strandja Rhododendron Festival and the famous Nestinar fire dancing also fall in May and June.

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Summer holiday in Strandja

Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria is one of those places where you can get that real summer holiday feeling. Warm sunny weather, good food, cultural sights, beautiful nature.

If your perfect summer holiday is a combination of relaxing days at quiet beaches, day trips to quiet villages, and shady woodland walks combined with a dip in the clean Strandja rivers, July and August are your months.

Now, the sweet Bulgarian tomatoes are ripe, and the weather is gloriously sunny. July and August are Bulgaria's top summer months with snorkelling and strolling through coastal towns while enjoying a juicy piece of watermelon. By using our advice for your summer beach holiday, you can stay in locally owned guesthouses and family run hotels instead of large foreign-owned hotels.

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An early Autumn holiday

In September and October the light gets that golden quality so typical for autumn. The Strandja Mountains are very scenic in autumn and ideal for walking. A visit at this time of year again coincides with bird migration, with the birds this time flying south.

You can sample seasonal specialities such as wild mushrooms, nuts and various preserved Bulgarian specialities.

The seawater temperature is still wonderful, and lower daytime temperatures invite you to explore the many walks and sights in the park.

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Mediterranean climate

The Mediterranean Sea to the South and the Black Sea to the East heavily influence the climate in Strandja. Strandja is sheltered from cold northerly winds by the Balkan mountain ridge that runs West-East throughout Bulgaria.

All this results in a unique climate in Strandja, which is Mediterranean in character. Strandja has the highest number of sunny days in Bulgaria in the period April to October. The water in the Black Sea starts to warm up in April, and during the height of summer it is 23C. Even in October swimming in the Black Sea is still comfortable.

More about Strandja

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