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Walking in Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria

person with walking stick looking out over rivervalley in the Strandja Mountains in Bulgaria

An area the size of London, beautifully located along the Black Sea Coast in Eastern Europe. Still, only 7000 people live here…. Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria is one of those unspoilt, undiscovered areas in Europe where man has had very little influence.

A landscape of rolling hills is perfect to explore on foot. There is a lot to discover during a walking holiday to Strandja in South-East Bulgaria!

Two people walking in a river valley in Strandja Nature Park Bulgaria

A varied landscape and Mediterranean climate make Strandja a perfect walking holiday destination in South Eastern Europe.

Bulgaria’s most varied nature park

Strandja is Bulgaria’s largest and most varied nature park. You can explore a wide variety of landscapes during a walking holiday here. In the west of the park you can walk through karst landscapes with wide views and hike through deeply cut, wooded valleys with murmuring crystal-clear streams and rivers.

In the middle of the nature park the landscape is dominated by extensive beech and oak forest. And there is also the lush valley of the Veleka river. The Veleka is one of the cleanest and unspoilt rivers in Eastern Europe.

The eastern border of Strandja Nature Park consists of large areas of almost unspoilt Black Sea coast. Here you can go walking around the completely natural estuary of the Veleka river, along quiet, undiscovered beaches, impressive coastal landscapes and volcanic rock formations.

Someone walking over cliffs on a rocky coastpath. Deep blue sea in the background and colourful flowers in the foreground.

At Strandja's Black Sea coast you can walk over picturesque coast paths.

Two people walking past a centuries-old oak tree.

Centuries-old oak and beech trees grow at several places throughout Strandja.

Deep in the heart of Strandja you will find small secluded villages where time has stood still. You can walk past traditional Strandja houses and experience the rich Bulgarian culture and cuisine. You can also come across culture along the walking routes. A beautiful walk for example leads to a chapel and spring hidden in the woods. Such chapels were often built near a spring where the water, according to local legend, has healing properties.

The rich history of this part of Bulgaria is still visible in the landscape; Thracian temples and Roman graves and hill-tombs have been preserved. They are silent witnesses of the turbulent past of this part of Eastern Europe.

Group of people walking downhill in a forest in the Strandja Mountains.

Walking over a forest track in the Strandja Mountains.

View over a mountain village in Bulgarian Strandja.

Walking around small mountain villages with beautiful views over the surrounding landscape.

Autumn – perfect for walking in the Strandja Mountains

Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria has a Mediterranean climate. Because of the influence of the Black Sea the weather is still very gentle late in the year and great for walking. The Autumn is perfect for a walking holiday in this part of Eastern Europe! An autumn walking holiday to Strandja means enjoying beautiful panorama’s, the turning colours of the woodland, and a fantastic Bulgarian ‘Indian’ summer.

Tree in Autumn colours along a footpath.

Autumn is perfect for a walking holiday in Strandja. The influence of the Black Sea ensures a long Indian summer.

In the autumn you can try local specialities such as wild mushrooms. The excellent Bulgarian tomatoes are still available. And you can also taste many other fruit en vegetable varieties until late autumn.

The temperature of the sea water in Bulgaria is very pleasant until October. A plunge in the Black Sea during a coastal walk is recommended! The best time for an autumn walking holiday to Strandja in Bulgaria is the period from mid-September until the middle of November.

Group of 3 people in an autumn mountain landscape.

Walkers in an Autumn landscape.

Autumn leaves floating on a small stream.

In Autumn Strandja is a beautiful mix of yellows and greens.

Autumn flowering crocus (Colchicum autumnale) in grass.

Autumn crocus flowering near a small river in Strandja Nature Park.

Spring walking holiday to Strandja in Bulgaria

The spring is an ideal time for a walking holiday to south-east Bulgaria. In de spring, Strandja is lush and green. During a spring walking holiday you can enjoy a stunning landscape full of flowering orchards and budding leaves.

Orchid next to walking path with people walking in background.

In Spring Strandja is full of wild flowering plants.

Blossoming fruit tree in a green meadow.

Blossoming trees and fresh green in Strandja's spring.

The sky is filled with birdsong of nightingale, bee-eater and golden oriole. The grasslands are full of wild-flowers and the weather is already very good early in the year. The best time for a spring walking holiday to Strandja is the period middle of April until the middle of June.

Walking holiday to Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria

Interested in getting to know the beautiful Strandja area on foot? We organise walking holidays for small groups to this part of Bulgaria. But if you prefer to explore the area at your own pace, our tailor-made walking holidays are ideal. With pre-booked Bed & Breakfast, rental car and detailed walk descriptions and information you will not miss anything.

As a bonus, by coming on holiday here you help protect the beautiful Strandja area. For every visitor to Strandja, we make a donation to the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation. For more than 10 years already, this organisation does a lot of good work and makes a real difference in protecting and raising awareness about Strandja’s unique nature.

Please contact us for more information, we would love to tell you more about our walking holidays to Bulgaria!

Person walking over a Black Sea beach on Strandja coast in Bulgaria. Blue sky, clear water, golden sand, and lush green hills in the background.

Walk over quiet beaches on Strandja's Black Sea coast.

Walking down a hill in Strandja.

Strandja is an excellent walking destination for beginning as well as more experienced walkers.

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4 Responses to “Walking in Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria”

  1. Judy Hardiman says:

    Is it too hot to hike here in late June? Judy

    • visitStrandja says:

      Hi Judy – I’d say late June is still OK. It depends a bit on the person I think. Personally, I quite like warmer weather, but some people prefer it cooler. It will be on the warm side, especially inland, but the good thing here is that the warmth is dry rather than humid, so it doesn’t feel oppressive. If you start early and take a break around noon (you could have a little picknick for example) you should be fine. Making sure you drink plenty of water also helps. At the coast there’s almost always a very nice breeze in the afternoon, which makes hiking there very pleasant. And of course you can take a dip in the Black Sea to refresh yourself…

  2. Ekaterina says:

    My name’s Ekaterina and I’m a tourist. I rent a flat in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, but I’d really love to try something different apart from lying on the beach. My husband and I are planning to visit Sranja, but we don’t know anything about the place yet. We know that we’ll probably take a self-guided hiking tour, but we don’t know what BUS to take from Sunny Beach to Stranja. Could you please help us and suggest us a rout that wouldn’t be too hard for a 60-year-old?

    • visitStrandja says:

      Sorry for the late reply Ekaterina. Your best bet would be to check with tourist information in Sunny Beach.

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