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Carbon offsetting your flight to Bulgaria

We hope you are willing to consider offsetting the carbon emission of your flight to Bulgaria.

We have looked into various schemes available, and personally recommend Atmosfair CO2 offsetting, who we think offer one of the best carbon offsetting schemes available. All their projects meet the requirements of the Gold Standard.

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The Gold Standard

Many organisations offer schemes for carbon offsetting. Of those, carbon offsetting schemes that use the Gold Standard are among the best.

The Gold Standard is a best practice methodology for developing carbon-offsetting projects. It has been developed by a small group of NGO's, including WWF and Greenpeace.

The Gold Standard ensures projects deliver real emissions reductions and a clear contribution towards sustainable development.

Atmosfair carbon offsetting

Atmosfair is a German-based company with an excellent track record in carbon offsetting. They sponsor a large portion of the work by the Gold Standard Foundation. And all of Atmosfair's carbon offsetting projects meet the strict requirements of the Gold Standard.

In Nigeria for example, Atmosfair are introducing highly efficient wood stoves. These reduce wood fuel use by 80%.

And in China, Atmosfair are introducing hydraulic RAM pumps for irrigation. These pumps replace polluting diesel pumps that were in use before.

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