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Ecotourism to Bulgaria

Bulgaria's natural heritage has been called the country's green gold.

The Bulgarian government has written a National Ecotourism Strategy for the country and they want to make Bulgaria a top ecotourism destination in Europe.

Sheep grazing on a hill in front of an old house. Forest in the background fades away towards mountains on the horizon.

Eco-tourism and mass-tourism

Ecotourism can bring much needed income to rural areas, and help fund the protection of unique wildlife areas. For Bulgaria ecotourism is an excellent strategy.

However, there are tensions in the country between mass-tourism and wildlife and more sustainable tourism. A lot of Bulgaria's protected areas are under threat from mass-developments such as the construction of hotels, ski pistes and golf courses. Ecotourism is still a relatively small branch of Bulgaria's tourism industry.

Your holiday makes a difference

The more responsible and caring tourists visit Bulgaria the better. Your holiday brings much needed income to rural communities instead of big western-owned holiday companies.

At the same time ecotourism helps conserve cultural heritage, and protect Bulgaria's biodiversity. Also, the economic benefits that ecotourism creates for local communities helps generate more goodwill towards conservation work and protected areas.

For Bulgaria, sustainable tourism is a viable and much preferred option over the mass-tourism on the coast and in the ski resorts.

By choosing a green holiday to Strandja in Bulgaria you make a real difference.

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