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Flights to Bulgaria

It is possible to travel to Strandja with public transport, but most visitors fly directly to Burgas on the coast.

On this page you'll find information on direct flights from various European countries and airports to Burgas Airport in Bulgaria.

But we also want to let you know about two other options; combining your holiday to Strandja with a visit to the capital Sofia or the ancient city and cultural centre Istanbul.

Flying to Burgas

Below, you will find a list of European countries, with information on direct flights to Burgas. This is not an exhaustive list of all the possibilities, but some pointers in the right direction. Please contact us if you need further advice, we are of course happy to help!

United Kingdom flag United Kingdom

  • All year direct flights from London Luton to Burgas by Wizzair.
  • From mid May, flights from various UK airports (Manchester, London Gatwick, Birmingham, Glasgow) by Thomas Cook.
  • From the end of May, flights from various UK airports (East Midlands, Doncaster, Manchester, Newcastle, London Gatwick) by Thomson Airways.

German flag Germany

  • From mid May, flights from various German airports by charter companies (for example from Düsseldorf, Hanover, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart, München). Flights from German airports can for example be booked through Tuifly.

Norwegian flag Norway

Also see our page on holidays to Strandja Nature Park in Norwegian

  • From early April, there are flights from Oslo to Burgas Airport by Norwegian.

Dutch flag Netherlands

  • From mid May, flights from Amsterdam by Transavia and Arkefly.
  • Also possible; all-year flights from Eindhoven to Sofia by Wizzair.
  • Flying from Brussels from early May with Jetairfly.
  • Another alternative; flights from Dusseldorf by Tuifly.

Belgian flag Belgium

  • Flying from Brussels from early May with Jetairfly.

Other countries

For information on flying to Bulgaria from other countries inside or outside of Europe, please contact us.

Flying to and visiting Sofia

A flight to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is also a possible. Tickets are often relatively cheap, and you can spend a few days there as an add-on to your Strandja holiday. Sofia has a historic centre with interesting buildings, churches and museums. We can give you advice on accommodation in Sofia, and onward travel to Burgas, which is possible by train, bus or by internal flight.

Please contact us for advice on finding a suitable flight to Bulgaria, we are of course happy to help.

Flying to and visiting Istanbul

Strandja lies on the Turkish border, and the metropole Istanbul, Turkey's cultural centre, is only 300 km by road from Strandja. There are daily buses from Istanbul to Burgas, so it possible to fly to Istanbul, spend a few days there before travelling on to Strandja for a relaxing holiday in nature and along the Black Sea coast.

There are many flights to Istabul from cities all over Europe and these can be found using websites for finding flight tickets.

Public transport

Have a look at the Seat61 or Eurolines website for more information on travel to Bulgaria by public transport.

Carbon off-setting your flight

If you would like to carbon offset your flight to Bulgaria we highly recommend using Atmosfair. Please see our page on responsible travel for more information.

White Stork flying to Bulgaria.
Alexander Nevski Church in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Photo by Georgi Petrov
Mosque in Istanbul. Photo by Robert Raderschatt

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