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Information packs

We have developed an information pack with walk descriptions so you can discover Strandja confidently. It is also possible to include some excursions during your holiday in Strandja, ranging from a day bird watching with an expert guide, to going on walks with a local guide who can tell you all about Strandja's history and culture.

Info pack and walk descriptions

With the information packs with route and walk descriptions that we have developed, you can confidently explore Strandja at your own relaxed pace.

We know where to go for the best walks, the most impressive viewpoints, the best picnic spots, that little chapel in the woods, and that quiet beach. With our route and walk descriptions you will know too!

It doesn’t matter where you go, there is nothing like the directions and tips of someone who lives in the area. Many walk descriptions give you additional information, for example about the historical significance of a place, famous legends, or special species you can see there.

In some cases, we have also translated information signs for you. For example one route follows a coastline that has a volcanic origin, but the signs on route that explain all about it are in Bulgarian. However, with our walk descriptions you will be able to appreciate the fascinating geological history fully.

Whether you are looking for a cash machine, petrol station or wetland visitor centre, our information pack will point you in the right direction.

The information pack includes:

  • Tourist map of Strandja Nature park (English)
  • Tourist map of Burgas and the South Black Sea coast (latin script)
  • Information booklet on the Nature of Strandja (English)
  • Walk descriptions that will lead you to Strandja's most beautiful and scenic places and landscapes, including coastal walks and river valley walks
  • Route descriptions to interesting villages and cultural places
  • Information for towns and villages where you can buy groceries, use a cash machine, get petrol and find a pharmacy
  • Information on good restaurants in the area
  • Information and route descriptions for the Burgas lakes and Ropotamo nature reserve and the best spots for birdwatching
  • Directions to visitor centres of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and the new Green Balkans visitor centre
  • Directions to the quiet and unknown beaches of Strandja
  • Information on the possibilties of boat and/or canoe trips
  • General useful information for a holiday/stay in Strandja

In addition to the standard contents of the information pack, we can also offer for example a Strandja plant guide (English) and a Strandja Orchid guide (English).

The price of the information pack is €96 + €12 postage and packaging costs if you would like us to send it to you. The price of the pack includes a donation to the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation. They use the donations for their fantastic work on protecting Strandja's wildlife.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or need more information on our information pack, we look forward to hearing from you.


You can also add several excursions to your holiday.

For example, you can go birdwatching for a day with a local expert around the Burgas lakes and look for reptiles and amphibians with expert guides. Or hear about life in Strandja as it was only 100 years ago in a traditional Strandja house and visit an ancient Thracian sanctuary in the border zone, that is only accessible with permission of the border police.

We can help you to organise these excursions. Based on your interests and wishes, we will recommend the most interesting excursions and activities for you.

Please contact us for more information on possible excursions.

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