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Strandja Mountains Bulgaria

In the far south-east corner of Europe lies a huge nature park that very few people know about. The Strandja Mountains in Bulgaria were hidden in a border zone for 50 years. Now, it is one of Europe's few remaining wilderness areas a wildlife paradise where ancient traditions and unspoilt nature have survived.

Panorama over the Strandja Mountains in Bulgaria. Low green forested rolling mountains as far as the eye can see.

Map of Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria
Map of Europe showing location of Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria is lifted out to show the location of Strandja Nature Park in the South East of Bulgaria.

Strandja Mountains Bulgaria

Strandja Nature Park is the largest protected area in Bulgaria. The park is part of the Strandja Mountain range that covers the whole of south east Bulgaria, as well as a large part of North West Turkey.

The area is roughly the size of London, but only 7000 people inhabit the Bulgarian part of the Strandja Mountains.

Strandja is one of the last places in eastern Europe largely untouched by human development. Said by many Bulgarians to be the most special and mysterious mountain range in the country, the Strandja Mountains are virtually unknown outside Bulgaria.

With large areas of undisturbed nature, a climate heavily influenced by the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and cultural traditions found nowhere else, the Strandja Mountains in Bulgaria are a special holiday destination away from the crowds that very few people know about.

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