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Responsible travel

The Strandja Nature Park Directorate and the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation have been working for more than ten years to protect Strandja’s wildlife and to promote eco-tourism to Strandja. We have joined them.

Caring visitors bring much needed income to the village economy, and the economic benefits that eco-tourism brings for local communities helps generate more goodwill towards conservation work and protected areas.

Below, you can read more about the choices we make to ensure your holiday helps to protect Strandja Nature Park.

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

Strandja Nature Park Directorate

Atmosfair CO2 offsetting

Donation to BBF

We donate a percentage of what we earn to the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF). They invest in projects to help preserve the wildlife in Strandja, and encourage sustainable tourism and development of Strandja.

Read more about our cooperation with BBF.

Consultation with experts

We discuss what we recommend to visitors with both BBF and the Strandja Nature Park Directorate. This way we ensure we avoid activities that cause harm, and encourage those that are beneficial to the area.

Read how we work with Strandja Nature Park.

Ecotourism to Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, you can still see the wildlife and natural landscapes that we have lost in Western Europe. Green, sustainable tourism is bringing more and more visitors to Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, there is some tension between mass-tourism and ecotourism in Bulgaria.

Read more about how ecotourism makes a difference, not only to Bulgaria's nature, but also to local rural economies.

Local produce and guesthouses

We recommend locally owned guesthouses, small family hotels and restaurants where the owners serve local produce. We also try to connect you as much as possible with local pro-nature businesses. This way you can be sure your money flows directly into the local economy.

Carbon offsetting your flight


Most people that visit Strandja fly to Burgas or Sofia. Getting here by public transport is possible, but takes quite a long time because Strandja is located in the far south-easterly corner of Europe. We hope you will consider to carbon offset your flight to Bulgaria. Our personal preference is Atmosfair, a company that invests in renewable energy projects. And not just any projects. All their projects meet the strict requirements of the Gold Standard, developed by NGO's such as WWF and Greenpeace.

Here you can read more about Atmosfair.

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